These didn’t used to be such scary words: The Supreme Court is back in session.

A headline asked: “Will Election Deniers Deny Their Own Defeats?” I wonder if they are principled enough to deny their own victories.

There is a lot of speculation about the importance of abortion in the upcoming elections. Women’s votes might be crucial in deciding outcomes. Nevertheless, while the power of women is undeniable, I don’t think that women will be on a par with men until they have a bald spot and still think they’re good looking.

What was the last restaurant to give women (or in this case “ladies”) a menu without prices?

A lot of people these days tell us that this country was founded on Christian principles or, sometimes, being more inclusive, Judeo-Christian principles. I assume that they do not know that North Carolina’s constitution banned Jews from public office and that in other states only members of certain Protestant denominations could hold office.

The first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence does allude to the Creator and religion, but it mentions neither Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Moses, God, nor Christianity.

Some of my friends and I bemoan the fact that many Americans lack a basic idea of our governmental structure. By some reports, people running for Congress cannot name the three branches of our government, and certainly many in the electorate cannot. Better civics education is needed, some say, but I also realize that I only dimly understand the powers of the Speaker of the House, the Senate majority leader, and committee chairmen. And what is a senatorial “hold” and how is it overcome? But this election also highlights how important state governments can be, and I realize that while I have at least a superficial understanding of the federal government, I, like (I think) many others, know even less about all the ins and outs of decision-making in the state legislatures. I do know that with the increasing demise of local newspapers, less and less good reporting comes out of state capitals. That can’t be good for good government.

A friend said he supported Republicans not so much because he supported their policies but because all his life, he was anti-Democrat. That reminded me of the time I was asked why I was a liberal. I said that I was not sure that I believed in liberalism, but I was definitely anti-conservative.

“People vote their resentment, not their appreciation. The average man does not vote for anything, but against something.” Munro

Peter Thiel is an immigrant.

“The foolish saying of the rich pass for wise saws in society.” Cervantes

And Queen Elizabeth is still dead.