Shortly before “The Immortal Jellyfish GirlImmortal Jellyfish Girl

” began, I heard a teenage voice say, “This is going to be s-o-o-o awesome. I just love radical puppetry theater.” I had questions, but even though she was sitting behind, I felt I did not know the sixteen-year-old well enough to ask.

When I heard that Tom Brady was yet again retiring, I thought of a European friend. He lives in Munich but went to college in the United States, where he fell in love with American football. He maintains that it is the greatest team game because for a play to be successful, every team member must perform well. I think that is an exaggeration, but he has a point. One player or even two or three is not sufficient for a good play. And, of course, a team with an offense that performs well may not win if the defense sucks, and so on. Even so, commentators regularly talk about a quarterback’s wins and losses, although they don’t say that about other players. Thus, it gets reported that Brady has won 35 playoff games and seven Super Bowls. But, of course, it was the New England Patriots that won those championships. Brady did not do it by himself. Remember that goal line interception by Malcolm Butler in 2015, Remember the entire New England defense when Atlanta fell apart in 2017.) Perhaps it is ok to say that Brady led the Patriots to the Super Bowl wins, but it denigrates all the many New England players who contributed to the victories to say that Brady won the games.

“Conceit is God’s gift to little men.” Bruce Barton.

“There are always people in whose presence it is unsuitable to be over-modest, they are only too pleased to take you at your word.” Louis Pasteur.

I don’t know what to make of the fact that I find a resemblance between Hunter Biden and Aaron Rodgers.

At the conclusion of a tennis match, the loser packs up equipment and heads to the locker room often giving a wave to the audience as they applaud. The winner might them be interviewed on court. However, after the tournament finals, the loser stays on the court, takes part in the trophy awarding, and is interviewed. They almost always say gracious things, but surely that is a hard and awkward thing to do a few minutes after losing something they wanted so much.

Ashleigh Barty Wilkes Booth Tarkington.

I admit there is much about conservatism that I do not understand. I have heard how conservatives worry that school children are being groomed for sexual behaviors. But then conservatives rant that the M&M cartoon spokescandies are not sexy enough. Is that consistent?

I am saving footage of Senators recently quoting Taylor Swift lyrics in a hearing about Ticketmaster practices. I assure you that it is rare—oh, so rare—but on occasion I do something that is embarrassing. When on those oh-so-rare occasions, it helps me to feel better to see “serious” people doing even more cringeworthy stuff.