Snippets . . . . Snippet It Real Good

For your novel, short story, or screenplay. At the urinals of a successful Broadway play, a man to my right speak..  It takes me a beat to realize that he is not talking to himself. His ‘free’ hand is holding a phone to his ear. I hear him say, “I auditioned yesterday.” I look over at an ordinary looking young man.  He continues, “It wasn’t a big part.” Pause. “It was a bartender.” Pause. “He is basically the best friend of the main character.” Pause. “I will talk to you later, Mom.” Write a page or a paragraph.

Barroom philosophy. Some of the division in the country stems from drug use. Those Hollywood and Hampton elites grew up on cocaine, and coke users want open borders and prefer wide open trade. They often find themselves dealing with connections of differing nationalities and ethnic groups. A different portion of the country, however, desires meth. They don’t have to engage vicariously or otherwise with the whole world. They need venture no further than the nearby basement lab and the local pharmacy. No racial lines need be crossed. Don’t you think where the cocaine culture is strongest, the voters favored Clinton and where the meth culture is strongest, the voters favored Trump?

I had an Inauguration Day rule I wanted for the Poconos, but it might apply elsewhere. By Inauguration Day all outdoors Christmas decorations must be taken down.

As I am walking past a restaurant featuring fresh fish, I seeing being delivered to the kitchen a pizza. Hmmm.

Is this story true? Margot Asquith met Jean Harlow, and Harlow kept pronouncing all the letters in Margot.  In exasperation, Asquith finally said, “The ‘t’ in Margot is silent just like the ‘t’ in Harlow.”

Was he right? A distinguished academic who had spent most of his career in New Haven had moved to New York. He stated that in New Haven he saw lots of movies because there was little else to do.  Now he had little time for them, partly because his wife had mapped out an extensive social life for him.  He indicated that sometimes it seemed a bit too much, but still he said, she is filled with all this energy, and she knows lots of interesting people.  His luncheon companion agreed that his wife knew lots of interesting people, but there was a failing in the people she knew.  The companion continued, you would think better of the social life if she knew more 28 year olds with cleavage. The academic laughed and laughed and said, “28 with cleavage.  What a great movie title.”

Heard a woman on her phone, “He is self-aware of that.”

Who knew that Tarzan lived in Wisconsin.

It can’t matter whether the toilet paper goes over or under, but I care.

First Street between 1st and 2nd. Strong Coffee. Juice Cleansing. the great aussie bite. The Art of Everyday Life. Ghostism. 1on 1 Chiropractic. Esperanto Fonda. Catholic Workers St. Joseph’s House (oh, how we could use Dorothy Day today). And, of course, Prune (her memoir was awfully good, but Well-boiled Brussel Sprouts?). And no Starbucks.

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