I saw the President described as being of “deep ignorance.” But if you are deeply ignorant, aren’t you shallow, too?

Always ask for directions in New York City in a loud voice. This increases the chance that someone will correct the first set of directions. The correction-giver is usually right.

The eighteen-month child was securely, I say securely, strapped into a stroller. Yet he was wearing a bicycle helmet. Isn’t that carrying protective parenting too far?

I consider myself an intellectual when I make it to the end of a New York Review of Books article.

A person on a TV panel talked almost gleefully about the power of the “mother of all bombs” we had just dropped. Other panelists nodded sagely. He then said, “But we must expect to be in Afghanistan for a generation.” Say what! Did he look so happy about the magnitude of the munition because he thought that if we had not dropped it, we would have been in Afghanistan for a generation and a day?

As a result of a domestic dispute, a woman was murdered in a school along with an eight-year-old “bystander.” I waited for some commentator to say this would not have happened if we unfettered Second Amendment rights so that the little boy could have been packing.

It is amusing to hear the spouse and the daughter discuss whether the spouse is wearing mom jeans.

In a park or outside an old house, I would come across a hand pump as a kid. Of course, I had to try it. The first couple strokes always seemed hard, but with minimal persistence they became easier. As I pumped I would wonder if the pump still worked. Was there really water down there? Sometimes the effort produced nothing, but with others, a little water would spurt out. That sight produced a quickened, more forceful stroke. Then larger spurts, and finally, a stream without interruption. These efforts always produced a smile and a sense of accomplishment. Yet again, a satisfaction that most in a younger generation will never have.

“He is a prince.” Doesn’t sound derogatory. But compare: “She is a princess.”

“Not for the first time, she had validation for her long held belief that Homo sapiens was genetically linked to pond scum.” Elizabeth George, Deception on his Mind

I listen to radio shows featuring what used to be called “the standards” but now are often referred to as having come from the Great American Songbook. The beautiful and memorable music of Rodgers, Hammerstein, Dietz, Lerner, and similar composers are played. Such programs, however, never seem to play the compositions of Hank Williams, an American who wrote perfect songs. Hank Williams belongs in the Great American Songbook.

Are you like me and wonder when you see a 5 Napkin Burger whether that means the meat is that juicy and delicious or that greasy and disgusting?

There was such a difference between a woman’s magazine and a girlie magazine.

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