The sun came up this morning. President Trump said that it was his idea.

“According to Dick Devlin, there are two kinds of work: the kind where you shower before and the kind where you shower after.”  Jennifer Haigh, Heat and Light.

A play idea for the Beckett or Sartre in you. Imagine that redwoods are sentient and can communicate. Setting: A redwood grove with three or four trees. What would be the conversations over the thousand years that the redwoods would be next to each other unable to be alone or find other company? And then what happens when one of the trees finally dies?

You are Jewish if your mother is Jewish, I am told. But what if your mother converts to Judaism after you were born?

The person I took to be a conservative was railing against the big government program of food stamps. Her clinching argument was that someone she knew should have been on food stamps but did not qualify.

Another time I felt old. A man was dragging a loudspeaker against the traffic and ranting into a hand held microphone. No doubt a street preacher, but the loudspeaker was pointed the other way, and I did not hear his message until he got alongside of me. He looked directly at me and then said, “That applies to you too, Pops.”

At the old guys’ lunch, Bob, who gets interrupted a lot because he takes so long to say anything, was interrupted followed by a quick apology. He said, “That’s ok. My wife has told me that I talk too slow and then I often don’t make sense.” Ray replied, “How did Sarah get it right on both counts?” We all laughed, including Bob.

On the Fourth of July I wear a hat that reminds people of the Cat in the Hat, except that it is red, white, and blue with stars and spangles. Its label says that it was made in China.


orth Korea launched an ICBM that some say could have reached Alaska. I wonder if Sarah Palin saw it.


My friend, a good tennis player, announced after her game that she was going to play golf in the afternoon and added, “I hope that I hit a rider today.” Of course, I asked, “A rider?” “That’s when I hit the ball far enough that it is worth getting in the cart to ride to it.”

Apples and oranges. Don’t confuse them. Especially if you have scurvy.

Yet again I am confused by some Christian people.  Apparently religious principles prevent having contraception in a healthcare plan, but lying on invoices and trafficking in what are probably stolen goods are just fine with God as long as the artifacts are for a Bible museum. Maybe that museum will show me where the Bible forbids IUDs.

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