Our immigration policies allow temporary laborers into the country as “guest workers.” Isn’t “guest workers” an oxymoron?

I was disappointed by the quick dispatch of Anthony Scaramucci. I was hoping that his tenure would bring cult showings of the movie “Scaramouche” starring Stewart Granger and this would bring a revival of the author Rafael Sabatini, who, of course, wrote the marvelous book, Scaramouche as well as the equally delightful Captain Blood and this would lead to cult double features of Granger’s “Scaramouche” and Errol Flynn’s “Captain Blood” and all this would lead to a revival of Baroness Orczy and her novel The Scarlet Pimpernel and this would lead to cult showings of “The Scarlet Pimpernel” starring Leslie Howard. Right now we seem to need some swashbuckling heroes.

I was on the porch reading before the Fourth of July festivities. A father was talking to a son, perhaps three or four, as they walked by some angle-parked cars. “When you walk by cars like this you should  be careful. Look to see if there is a driver. Look to see if the car’s lights are on. Stop well away from the cars if there is a driver or lights. They can back up and not see you.” “Yes, Daddy.” Then I heard trucks coming down the little street and then the boy’s high voice an excited octave higher: “Daddy, Daddy, look fire trucks!” (The trucks were on their way to the tiny Independence Day parade’s staging area.) The boy’s excitement and pleasure made me smile. It also convinced me that he did not live in Brooklyn.

It was a remarkable sight, the man wearing sweatpants held up by suspenders.

Trump can do the impossible: He has almost made me feel sorry for Jeff Sessions.

When you see bikers with the big arms and leather vests on one of those three-wheelers, do you think “Cool,” or are you a little sad?

The announcer pompously intoned, “That was a wonderful golf shot he just hit.” The guy was playing golf. What other kind of shot was he going to hit?

Why isn’t the plural eggsplant?

After Trump, citing healthcare costs, announced a ban in the military on transgender people, we learned that the armed forces spends millions upon millions on erectile dysfunction drugs. Make up your own joke about military members.

The newspaper headline read: “Is There a Religious Way to Get Angry?” My reaction: “You’re goddamn right there is!”

“Though America in its greatness is singular, it resembles the rest of the world in its failures.” Paul Theroux, Deep South.

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