Should I be disappointed in the summer? I haven’t heard even once “Despacito.”

My friend asked, “Am I a bad person?” “Why?” I questioned in return. “I don’t feel as bad or as sorry as I ought to because it was in Texas.”

It was a good day at the U.S. Open. Got to see Federer play. And then Martina Hingis shook hands with the daughter. The daughter reported that Hingis’s hand was remarkably soft.

The tired-looking woman was holding her daughter after being brought to safety from Hurricane Harvey. She said, “We prayed a lot. We praised God, and we were saved.” And what should we say to Him about the devastation?

Jerome K. Jerome said what I often felt in my careers: “I like work; it fascinates me. I can look at it for hours.”

I have a T shirt with “Bazinga!” on it and a likeness of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons). I am willing to bet that Sheldon Cooper’s face is recognizable to a huge number of Americans, and when I wear the shirt, I almost always get comments on it from strangers. But none of my friends recognize the picture. What does that mean?

A friend who is an architect was showing me the wonderful additions he had recently done to his house. I asked, “Are you through?” He replied, “An architect never says it is done because then it can be judged.”

With the college football season upon us, we will hear announcers use “true freshman.”  Are there “non-true freshmen?”  There are “red-shirt freshmen.”  But couldn’t the commentators just say “red-shirt freshman” or “freshman”?  Don’t those two terms exhaust the universe of freshmen playing college sports?  And don’t get me started on “prior to the snap, false start.”

President Trump is like the Bible or Shakespeare. You can find a quote from to support almost any position you want.

“All of Christian Identity’s assertions were backed up by Scripture, to which they provided chapter and verse, which proved yet again, as I had seen in many lands, that the Bible was often the happy hunting ground of an unbalanced mind.” Paul Theroux, Deep South.

The panel on a news network was discussing whether healthcare is a right. This is not the correct question. It should be: Is universal healthcare good for society?

What percentage of potters are conservatives?

Was the philosopher (or was it a comedian?) right when he said, “If you want to prepare your child for real life, give her a Where=s Waldo book without any Waldos.”

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