The impression I get from hearing it discussed among my friends is that curling is not the official name for the sport. Instead, it is, I Could Do That. But I doubt that any of them could get low enough to be in the proper position to slide the rock down the sheet. And none of them understands the strategy.

“His friend was a chronic romantic who constantly made the mistake of falling in love with women before sleeping with them.” John Lanchester, Capital.

Is there a difference between an adviser and an advisor?

What does it mean that some people want secure borders but don’t care about secure elections?

As I neared the exits on the expressways. I saw the usual signs giving the names of the highways and the towns and cities I could find if I left the interstate. Another set of signs indicated “services” near the exits—motels and fast food restaurants mostly. Near many, but not all, of the exits, signs also listed “attractions.” These were a varied lot, including wineries, malls, parks, campgrounds, a miniature roadside village. They seemed aimed at creating an impulse decision by the driver and passengers to make a visit to the “attraction.” But then an attractions sign listed Hershey Medical Center. Would you put that on an attractions sign?

A postcard came with the restaurant check. The card was an old photograph of a bridge under construction. I asked the hostess what bridge it was. She did not know. I thought she should have.

I was disappointed to learn that “Mickey Rooney” was not Mickey Rooney’s name.

As he came into the theater lobby, he said, “Actually I didn’t think it was going to be this cold.” “That just shows,” his companion replied, “how poorly you think.”

“Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love.” Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Memories of My Melancholy Whores.

When that time comes for me , don’t say he earned his angel wings or joined the angels or that he has been laid to eternal rest or he went to a better place (there is a place better than Brooklyn?) or he went to his eternal glory or even that he passed away. Just say he died.

She was in an Off-Broadway musical. I said that I might go to it if I could find discount tickets. Even though I had just met her, she got offended and said that she had to pay full price for her masters in music, so I should have to pay full price to hear her.

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