I learned yet again that, even if it is run at its slowest speed, it is a mistake to leave the top off the blender.

Chalked on a sidewalk sign in Times Square: “Special. 2 drinks for the price of 2 drinks.”

When I want to feel special, I tell myself that I am one of the few people who knows that Tarzan lived in Wisconsin.

“There is nothing that makes a man grow beyond his own stature than a woman telling him she loves him.” Jo Nesbø, The Headhunters.

The news article said that three men who had just been convicted of various crimes “could face up to life imprisonment.” Isn’t this redundant? If life is the maximum possible punishment, then the judge “could” give them a life sentence, but before they are sentenced, they “face” life imprisonment.

I have heard often of the “undeserving poor,” but never of the “undeserving rich,” even though there are many in that latter category.

At a meet-and-greet, the candidate said what I have heard from many others: “We can do whatever we set our minds to.” Each time I hear this cliché, I think: Poppycock.

Language matters. Instead of talking about eliminating regulations, we could be talking about eliminating protections.

“Her older sister used to say that men hated pity; rather, they wanted sympathy and admiration—not an easy combination.” Min Jin Lee, Pachinko.

It was the night before the twenty-fifth reunion. A group had assembled at a bar that was a hangout in the years after the high school graduation. Marty went up to the bar. Marty had been a middling student. Marty had been a middling athlete. But Marty had moved high up the executive chain in a local corporation and was a semi-bigwig in the small community. Marty ordered a beer. The bartender turned to get the ordered bottle. Marty put $10 down. But then after the briefest of moments, as the bartender turned to uncap the bottle, Marty looked around to see if anyone was watching but did not see me. He put his hand over the bill, palmed it, and put it in his pocket. Then somewhat conspicuously he went to his wallet and laid down a $100 bill on the middle of the bar.

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