It’s hard when your doppelganger dies. Rest in peace Burt Reynolds.


I woke up screaming from the nightmare. I had discovered that the author of that anonymous Times op-ed piece, that self-proclaimed savior of the nation, was Rick Perry.


The email from a cooking website proclaimed: “How to Make an Oreo.” Why would you want to?


A cliché I just heard. The man told me that he was having golf clubs loaded into his sports car. He opened the passenger door for the attendant and said, “The clubs are too big for the back end.” The attendant replied, “Your golf clubs don’t fit into the trunk of your Mercedes. Now there is a first world problem.”


What are the second world countries?


How many hummingbirds does it take to make a meal?


It was a Subaru Outback stopped at the light in front of me. I was shocked when the driver tossed a spent cigarette out the window of a Subaru.


Swamps can be drained. Swamps can also be filled in. When they are filled in, it matters what is put into them.


In August, a half hour after sundown, a cacophonous, stereophonic symphony of cicadas led by an invisible conductor breaks out. The spouse does not like this music. For me it is a sound of summer. When that music ends, summer is over.


The Bible is supposedly timeless. It applies to the present age just as much as to the time when it was written. But surely some of its imagery needs updating, I thought about that when I heard the television preacher’s benediction referred to the King of Kings. Is it meaningful to be labeled the king of the present-day kings? The world has few powerful monarchs today. The Kings of Belgium, Spain, Morocco, the Netherlands, Tonga, Cambodia do not have the kind of authority kings had when the Bible was being written. Then kings were absolute rulers. However, there are more than a few people around today who are “invested with or claiming to exercise absolute authority.” That is a definition of an “autocrat.”  In today’s terms, Jesus (or is it Jehovah?) should be labeled Autocrat of Autocrats.


“It is the test of a good religion whether you can make a joke about it.” G.K. Chesterton


The politically active woman said our President was elected because of white men. “Maybe,” was the reply, “but his election had a lot to do with a white woman.” (In any event, didn’t a majority of white women vote for Donald Trump?)


He “never acknowledge[ed] that the general culture is often stupid or evil and would vote out God in favor of the devil if he fed them back their hate and fear in a way that made them feel righteous.” Charles Frazier, Varina.

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