I overheard the man say, “I tried to get a haircut today, but all the barbers were closed for Yom Kippur.” I had some questions.


I had an interesting dinner conversation about whether parents should distribute money equally to their children or give more to those who have the greatest need. No consensus. What do you think?


Years ago a man at my door told me that he was collecting signatures so that one of the communist parties could get on the ballot. I signed it thinking that people should have the chance to vote communist if they want to. That was democracy. But I have wondered if my action placed me on an FBI or other national security watch list. I have thought of filing a Freedom of Information Act request to see what the FBI has recorded about me, but then I wondered about how I would feel if they had no such entries. I might feel as if my life had been wasted.


“There are grounds for suspecting, in other words, that there exists a secret constitution, whose first article runs: The security of power is based on the insecurity of the citizens.” Leonardo Sciascia, Death and the Knight (translated from the Italian by Joseph Farrell.)


I am not proud that in scanning the obituaries I feel some satisfaction when I find that a vegan has died of cancer.


Even though I am told that meditation can have wonderful effects, I don’t do it. I am afraid that it might give me inner peace.


“So, a little morphine, a good sweat, and a bowel movement—the cure for everything that ails you.” Charles Frazier, Varina.


At the performance, Temesgen Zeleke played the Ethiopian krar lyre. An interesting instrument, but who knew? His bio said that he “performs regularly with Ethiojazz legend Mulatu Astatke.” Who knew that?


A half dozen baseball scouts were sitting nearby at a Staten Island Yankees baseball game. Most were young; some looked as if they might have been in high school last May. I was not surprised when I saw one put his retainers in.


At a New York Yankees game, the message board proclaimed, “Susan G, I married you because you are a Yankee fan.” Is that romantic? He married not for her eyes or thoughtfulness or sexiness or love. It would be much more meaningful if he married her even though she was a Yankee fan.

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