The subway poster for a CBS show said, “Some Mysteries Can’t Be Explained.” Well, duh. If it’s explained, then it ain’t no mystery.

          The host who invites someone known to be vegetarian or vegan to dinner is expected to accommodate the guest’s eating preferences (and to know all the differences among vegetarians and vegans.) Is the vegetarian or vegan dinner host expected to accommodate an omnivore guest by serving pork, lamb, beef, or goat?

          I was sooo surprised to learn that not everyone thinks that the very, very best place—the greatest place; the perfect place to make a perfect call—to be in America in June is Miami at an old golf resort.

          Sometimes I want to know what happened to characters after the story ends. Recently I learned that Goldilocks went on to become a genealogist. Then she was interested in forebears.

          Trump reassures:

Some may trust in God,

The Kurds must trust Assad.

I put our ally

Square in the bull’s eye

But please don’t wave them bye-bye.

I wrote that Turk a letter.

It has made things so much better,

And I am not upset

From the deaths I beget.

You should never forget

That I have just one plan,

Oh, how I love that man!

I am just rootin’

For Vladimir Putin.

          “Humans are inhuman, whether it’s by direct action or by acceptance of a horrible action as normal.” Charles Frazier, Varina.


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