It isn’t often nowadays that a stranger asks to take my picture. (In honesty, it did not happen much, if ever, before, either.) But it happened in a Costco the other day. A woman liked my shirt, and after asking permission, pulled out her iPhone, and snapped away, pausing to request me to look cool even though I already thought I did. She liked my tee shirt that read, “Old’s Cool.” And then that mystifying person who looks at the receipt when you exit my favorite store told me how much she liked the shirt, too. The NBP was with me. The NBP bought it for me as a Christmas present. I was pleased

          Her politics are liberal. She said that the defeat of the incumbent president was essential. She had been an early supporter of Obama. She had proudly announced that she had read White Fragility a while ago. The friend was a member of the community’s diversity committee. But she was not going to go election canvassing again this year as she had four years before because the Democrats then had assigned her to a “bad neighborhood.”

          The finals of the National Hockey League are being played. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that the two teams competing for the championship of North American ice hockey are Dallas and Tampa Bay.

          My Pennsylvania community, pretentiously I think, encourages giving names to our houses or “cottages,” as they are ostentatiously labeled. Flags can be flown, but banners, including political ones, are not allowed. I plan to have a big sign made naming my cottage, “BidenMyTime.”

          The headline: “Pompeo’s Principles.” I was surprised an article followed.

Robert G. Kaiser in Act of Congress: How America’s Essential Institution Works, and How It Doesn’t, a book about the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act wrote that at onepoint Senator Christopher Dodd tried to shame Mitch McConnell. The author added: “not an easy task.” You can say that again.

“The chief use to which we put our love of truth is in persuading ourselves that what we love is true.” Pierre Nicole.

If men got pregnant, the right to choose would be a holy rite.

          Can you even imagine finding Donald Trump lost in thought?

          Are you like me and feel much safer because of the president’s efforts to save us from the dangers of TikTok? Are you like me and don’t really understand that huge threat TikTok is to us and our national security? Are you like me and conclude that TikTok must be hugely dangerous or the president wouldn’t spend so much of his non-Fox-and-Friends time on TikTok? TikTok is clearly much more a threat to the future of you and me and our country than are Russian efforts to interfere with our elections.

          The headline: “Kids’ Remote Learning Interrupted by Porno.” Apparently the sixth graders already knew everything about the depicted sex acts.

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