Dave Barry in 1991 wrote that to “see the humor in a situation, you have to have perspective. ‘Perspective’ is derived from two ancient Greek words: ‘persp,’ meaning ‘something bad that happens to someone else,’ and ‘ective,’ meaning ‘ideally someone like Donald Trump.’”

I was surprised that my friend asked me the same trivia question that he had asked only a week earlier. Of course, he should have been surprised that I did not remember the answer.

“How comes it that our memories are good enough to retain even the minutest details of what has befallen us, but not to recollect how many times we have recounted them to the same person.” La Rochefoucauld, Maxims.

What song is stuck in your mind right now? I keep hearing “rollin’ on the river.”

A short, informative piece of writing is known as a “primer.” The pronunciation of that word is changing. It was once said with a short, first vowel—prim-ur. Now it is frequently pronounced with a long vowel—pry-mer—the same is if it were a first coat of paint. Should we care? And can we talk about the pronunciation of “reprise?”

I would like my pre-pandemic life to return so that I might see signs again like I saw chalked on a board in Times Square: “Special. 2 drinks for the price of 2 drinks.”

I did not hear much mention of the fact during the campaign that for the majority of us tax increases kick in next year. These were built into the Trump/Republican tax “cut” a few years back. But don’t worry if you are rich. Your tax decrease remains. There is generally good news for the rich.

Even if you do not think highly of Donald Trump, perhaps you should give him some credit for having children who seem so loyal to him.

“You can fool too many of the people too much of the time.” James Thurber.

Could we everyone stop calling our country a “democracy?” It isn’t and never has been.

Could we stop worshiping our Constitution? It is important, but it is not and never has been perfect.

Could we get athletes to stop thanking the Almighty  for their performances? I would just once like to hear an athlete say, “I was playing a great game until God made me fumble.”

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