It irks me when I hear a college football announcer state that a player is a “true freshman.” There are only “freshman” and players who are not really freshman called a “redshirt freshman.” If announcers are going to use the redundancy, they should then tell me when a linebacker is a true sophomore or junior, but they don’t.

Too many football officials announce the penalty by saying, “Prior to the snap, false start.”

Golf announcers often admiringly say that a competitor has just hit a wonderful “golf shot.” It is a golf tournament. What else did they expect—a wrist, slap, or pistol shot?

A radical thought experiment: Football has tried to reduce the number of head injuries, but there are still many. What would happen if players did not wear helmets? Would the athletes lead with their head if it were not encased in hard plastic? Might head injuries decrease?

The headline said: “Voter Fraud: The Crime That Must Not Be Mentioned.” I have no idea where this person has been. I have heard voter fraud mentioned countless times. Voter fraud, however, is apparently the crime that can be repeatedly asserted without proof.

The president’s national daily intelligence briefing is now being shared with the President-elect. Do the briefers now feel different knowing that their product might be read and understood?

“History books begin and end, but the events they describe do not.” R.G. Collingwood.

Does it count as decluttering if you break something and throw away the fragments?

The announcer said that the player had had an emergency appendectomy. How often does someone have a scheduled appendectomy?

Few people know the proper usage: I befuddled you, but I am fuddled.

Charles Dickens said, “If there were no bad people there would be no good lawyers.” But we have seen yet again that just because a bad person has a lawyer that does not mean that the lawyer is a good one. Yes, I am talking about Rudy Giuliani.

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