The Arizona Republican party censured Arizona Republicans Governor Doug Ducey, former Senator Jeff Flake, and Cindy McCain for showing insufficient loyalty to Donald Trump. House Republicans want to strip power from the Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney because she has shown insufficient loyalty to Donald Trump. Tom Rice, a Republican Representative, was censured by his South Carolina Republican party for being insufficiently loyal to Donald Trump. Remind me again: What is cancel culture?

I am reading Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets by Nobel Prize winning Svetlana Alexievich. This book of oral history contains moving and frightening memories of what happened to Soviet communists who showed insufficient loyalty to Stalin and whatever he proclaimed as orthodoxy.

For years upon years, Republicans claiming a mantle of orthodoxy had tried to drum others out of the party with the epithet RINO (Republican in name only). Remind me again: What is cancel culture?

One of the counts in the Arizona Republicans’ censure of Cindy McCain said: “WHEREAS, Cindy McCain has condemned President Trump for his criticism of her husband. . . .” Remind me again: What are family values?

“You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.” John Morley.

I have been avoiding the news programs, but almost every time I do see one, Anthony Fauci is on. When does he do the job for which he is paid?

The sign commanded me to “Seek Unity.” “Really?” I thought. “What has most unified us over the last four years is an obsession with Donald Trump.”

I have seen it reported that neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden drink alcohol. What does that say about whether I, too, should abstain?

“What is said when drunk has been thought out beforehand.” Flemish proverb.

Conservatives proclaim a deep belief in capitalism and free enterprise and an opposition to the regulation of businesses. Yet they now have twisted knickers because of actions by social media companies even though those acts are products of the free enterprise system by capitalist companies. Extensive government regulation would seem to be necessary to prevent these companies from taking such actions in the future. Where are those fundamental conservative principles now?

Remember: Conservatives were the ones who got rid of the fairness doctrine.

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