The headline referred to “corporate profiteers.” Isn’t that redundant?

Do the French call it the English Channel?

A hockey player was suspended for slew footing. Slew footing must be the greatest name ever for a sports infraction. Surely baseball’s balk, basketball’s charge, soccer’s offside, and football’s pass interference don’t measure up. (But false start has some potential on the colorful front.) I am not a great hockey fan and don’t believe that I have ever seen it, but I gather slew footing is dangerous. When I first heard of slew footing, I did not know that it was a hockey term and assumed that it was something that happened in a Harlan County holler.

I like Christmas carols, or at least most of them. However, I could live happily if I only heard The Twelve Days of Christmas once in a season, or perhaps not at all. And it contravenes the Christmas spirit to give someone 78 gifts.

Knitting seems magical to me. How do those two needles and a ball of yarn construct something that stays together in a useful shape?

I assumed that the Michigan school shooter was not Black when I realized that Fox News was not running wall-to-wall coverage of the killings.

I have seen reports that the country is having an increase in murders. Another way to say this is that the increase in firearm killings that began under President Trump continues.

I like manatees. I have swum with manatees. But I don’t believe that they exist. They are not mentioned, not even once, in the Bible.

I read the Bible fairly often. I have read much Shakespeare and have seen many performances of his plays. Yet, to my deep regret, I can quote from memory little of the Bible or Shakespeare.

“What men usually ask of God when they pray is that two and two not make four.” Anonymous.

“The formula ‘Two and two make five’ is not without its attractions.” Dostoevsky.

“The handwriting on the wall may be a forgery.” Ralph Hodgson.

A topic for further consideration: The grounds upon which the Supreme Court narrows or overrules Roe v. Wade are crucial. If the Court decides that women do not have a constitutional right to abortion, states can pass laws that allow women to terminate pregnancies. If the Court says that a fetus is a human being with rights, then states could not allow abortions.

“He is a prince.” Doesn’t sound derogatory. But compare: “She is a princess.”

I adopted an Asian child. They take care of their parents in old age.

3 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. “She is a princess”: Except in My Fair Lady, when declaimed by Zoltan Kaparthy, as recounted by Prof. Higgins.

    Jethro is right. The hairy hound of Budapest did you use that phrase in a non-demeaning way. And while on the topic of Jethro K. Lieberman. I have rejected ads on this blog–or maybe that is because no one has offered to pay me for product endorsements, but I want to give Jethro’s most recent book a plug. Everything is Jake: A T.R. Softly Detective Novel is a delight.


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