The paper bag from the food shop had printed on it “Established Since 1914.” Does that convey a different message from “Established 1914”?

The movie was labeled PG. The caution was for “rude humor.” I was surprised, for in my experience starting at two years, five months, and four days, kids are inordinately fond of rude humor.

I know that the headline is not really funny, but still: “Volunteer Dies After a Sheep Charges at Her on a Therapy Farm.”

Since assertions without substantiation are now widely accepted, it is time for me to make at least one: Unvaccinated children who get Covid, no matter how mild, run an increased risk of developing later-occurring autism. Please feel free to pass it along.

Did you find the World Chess Championship as heart stoppingly exciting as I did? Were you surprised that the best chess player is Norwegian?

Surely you found the end of the Formula One season extraordinary.

If those two events did not capture your attention, did the win by Miss India captivate you?

Or are you just surprised what some people get passionate about?

“There are still mysteries.” Kevin Young, Bunk: The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phonies, Post-Facts, and Fake News.

The tornadoes, of course, decimated power poles and lines and left many communities without electricity. And, in a cruel twist, a tornado wiped out a candle factory. Does the Deity have a dark sense of humor?

Covid has made my doctors’ visits better and worse. To have waiting rooms less crowded, appointments seem to be more spread out, and I am seen more promptly now. On the other hand, the waiting room tables are now kept clear, and I don’t get the chance to thumb through eighteen-month-old magazines I don’t otherwise look at.

‘Tis the season: Athletes get athletes foot, but astronauts get missile toe.

It was the night before the twenty-fifth reunion. A group had assembled at a tavern that was a hangout in the years after the high school graduation. Marty went up to the bar. Marty had been a middling student. Marty had been a middling athlete. But Marty had moved high up the executive chain in a local corporation and was a semi-bigwig in the small community. Marty ordered a beer. The bartender turned to get the ordered bottle. Marty put $10 down. But then after the briefest of moments, as the bartender turned to uncap the bottle, Marty looked around to see if anyone was watching, but did not see me. He put his hand over the bill, palmed it, and put it in his pocket. Then somewhat conspicuously he went to his wallet and laid down a $100 bill on the middle of the bar.

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