My sneeze was delayed by a yawn. Did I have a snawn or was it a yeeze?

I would like to hear one of those religious athletes say, “I was playing a great game until God made me fumble.”

If the flower shop is robbed at gunpoint, you probably have a petrified florist.

I liked Chicago when I lived there. I have enjoyed visiting there. It is a city that has much to offer except for one thing: Deep dish “pizza.”

Watching television on Sunday, I once again had that question: How much do televangelists spend on hair care?

An ad beseeched me to send $5 or $10 to a political candidate. The candidate told me that it was essential so that he could fight to restore Donald Trump’s majority. I thought: Define “restore” and “majority.”

The Nonbinary Progeny is often more perspicacious than the spouse. The spouse spied some schmutz on my shirt and asked, “Is that blood?” I assured her it was not. I had not changed the clothing when a few hours later, the NBP asked, “Is that chocolate?” Hershey’s Special Dark Syrup to be more exact.

I watched the first half of the college football playoff game, but not caring about the outcome, I turned it off. I find more and more in my sports viewing, I don’t pull for a team to win. Instead, I increasingly find that there is a host of teams I don’t like, and I want them to lose no matter their opponent, but that often leads to situations where I want both to be defeated. There is something wrong with “college” football where coaches get paid up to $10 million, and I pull against all the big college football programs. I wanted both teams on Monday night to lose.

“I give the same halftime speech over and over. It works best when my players are better than the other coach’s players.” Chuck Mills

I might feel better if the officials and announcers for college football games cut out the redundancies such as “false start, offense,” and “true freshman.”

Jose was born in the Dominican Republic, but he was quick to say that his family roots were in Barcelona. Recently another person told me that he was born in the Dominican Republic but stressed that his family’s roots were in Italy. The many Puerto Ricans I have known have just said they were from PR and haven’t stated where their forebears were from before coming to the Western Hemisphere.

I met a couple on a trip.  He was six feet ten.  She was shy of five feet even.  What questions would you have liked to ask?

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